3M Urethane Window Sealer / Adhesive

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Mr. Scott H.
Aug 15, 2013
These louvers are really my favorite thing on my 2005 GT, really makes the car - one thing i would say is that unless you really want to save the glass the easiest method of removal is to put on a pair of gloves and some goggles and tap on the glass from the inside with a hammer - after it breaks out trim the egdes off with a razor blade knife but that is just me - great louvers great look.

- SHR comment - We strongly recommend removing the glass in one piece as it is relatively quick and easy to do, but in the interest of not overly editing comments, we have left this review as stated.
Mr. David J.
Apr 26, 2013
Was at the Grand National Show in OKC...had to keep window closed/up for judging. The temperature was 105 in the shade...and the interior heat "popped" my SHR louvers. Had to redo them with the correct stuff. It worked perfectly. I love the louvers!