MRT 2010-2014 Mustang Tilting Headrest Set

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Tony in Dubai
Aug 19, 2013
Received the tan-coloured MRT headrests via international express mail today 11 days after order which is not bad for shipping from USA to UAE (by comparison, take 4-6 weeks).

The seats in my 2012 GT convertible are great except for the lousy head rest angle (and the lack of a position memory after tilting the back forward). It forces my head forward so, I have to have the seat back much lower than I like to avoid a crick and ache in my neck. This also forces me to slide the seat forward for steering wheel reach which then makes the pedals too close.

The new tilting headrests are a perfect fit and full adjustment is available but, I only need the most upright position which is near perfect for me. I can now sit with my preferred seat back inclination without neck pain and, with the steering wheel and pedals at the right distance. Now with proper posture, it will save my back and neck as I head into my old age in comfort and, allow me to enjoy my Mustang properly. Many thanks Silver Horse Racing !

On a minor aside, the headrests are a little thicker than the OEM ones and appear to be very slightly darker though not noticeably so.

- SHR Comment - Dye lots on material even from the OEM's vary slightly, and so even if the correct material is ordered it can sometimes have a slight color shift from what car was originally equipped with. We minimize this as much as is possible, but it can occur.