2011-2014 Mustang GT Steeda ProFlow Cold Air Intake

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Mr. Anthony C.
Nov 22, 2017
Easy install such that even this novice with average tools available, can complete the fit-up in 2 hours. Just make sure you have a good range of small hex wrenches available. Also. A little rubber grease or suitable oil will make some of the rubber/plastic fit-ups go a lot smoother.
The tune install was a breeze (just follow the tuner’s instrucrions).
Immediately noticeable was an angrier growl from my Borla quads. The car already just sounds faster even before you’ve moved.
On the go, the first thing you notice is the massive reduction in throttle lag from the automatic. This alone makes the install worthwhile. There is a noticeable power increase though I would say it is incremental rather than life changing. The car certainly does feel faster and the gears are held to higher revs.
Overall, a great value installation. Should have done it years ago.