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SHR Patented Flush-Mount Louvers

SHR Patented Flush-Mount Louvers

     Take a look at our Flush-Mount Louvers - we laser-scanned over 500,000 data points from the factory glass and quarter panel on all relevant surfaces to insure a perfect fit using OEM sealing techniques and materials.  The design is so innovative that it was chosen by Ford Racing for all 2008-14 Cobra Jet Mustangs, even when there were other offerings for comparable cost or less on the market that Ford Racing could choose from, including Ford's own in-house stick-on pieces that compete directly with our replacements.  It has also received a U.S. Patent (D551141), again something no other louver in production for the 05-14 Mustang can lay claim to.

We use a custom tinted polycarbonate, one of the most expensive and strongest plastics available, that has been UV stabilized and tinted for years of trouble-free use in the harshest of climates.  Our piece is lighter and stronger than the glass it replaces. 

Everyone else wants to make a "stick-on"  louver that goes outside the car and sits in the wind stream - the now dirty and un-cleanable glass sitting underneath.  They made these parts because it was easier and much cheaper to produce from a poured urethane or simple mold. The pieces are inexpensive to paint because there is no real masking required, and if it falls off in a few months, so what - they already have your money!

     Our louvers are made right here in Florida one at a time in a 300 TON Injection press, heated to an operating temperature near 500 degrees Fahrenheit to melt the plastic and make it flow evenly through the mold - resulting in a part so strong we parked our 3/4 ton longbed crew cab Dually right on top of it without damage to the part!  And once again, we are priced competitively with processes and materials costing half as much to produce! 

Try that with the competition's part!!


Visibility?  Well when we were designing our parts, we angled the louver to optimize the view from the driver's seat over the driver's right shoulder, and made the pieces as deep as was practical to increase the viewing area to the outside.  We did this without interrupting the appearance of the part from the outside, because if the part is a "stick-on" the only way to increase visibility is to either 1) Open the gap between vents further or, 2) make the vents stick out further and further from the car.  Since we've owned classic Mustangs and know how bad it can be when you can't see out of your blind spots while driving in a fastback body style, we didn't want to introduce new blind spots.

Our Replacement at 189.99/pr (MSRP)

Ford's stick-on part at 228.50/pr. (MSRP):

It's your money. You decide.