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Tru-Billet Door Handles

Tru-Billet 3D Door Handles from SHR

Our new Tru-Billet door handles are another example of the differences you can expect between us and "the other guys".  Look at actual customer samples of ours vs. theirs, and decide which one you'd want on your car.  Honestly, we don't understand why this is so hard for these companies to figure out.  Most of these products are appearance enhancements - that means they are there to look good - that is their number one job, and if they can't even do that, how in the world are they going to do anything else well? (Ironically, recently even this comment was copied - poorly though, on another website!)  Here though, our parts are among the lowest cost in the industry.  Don't believe it?  Shop around and see for yourself!  Quality, price, and made in the USA - what more could you ask for?
Here's the backside of our STANDARD interior door handle.  Notice the finishing throughout the part, the chamfered corners, clean cuts at the cable routing area, etc... oh, and did we mention our handle is actually 20.00 LESS than the one pictured below?  Whenever we can keep costs down for you, we do.  There is no need to add an extra 20.00 to this piece, unless of course you need to pad your advertising budget that much more to make people believe you are the best.  We'd rather let our products, and more importantly, our customers let you know about us, and let you decide for yourself who's products are #1 in quality, fit, and finish.


The Other Guys

Weld spatter, poor machining, and overall lack of pride in one's work

This just amazed us.  This is how the competition shipped an interior door handle to one of our customers, and our customer wanted us to see what they got for their money.  Weld spatters, carbon tracking marks, milling right through the cable-pin pickup and over the weld-job that was to fix a machining mistake, raw aluminum that was scratched heavily just from shipment and not anodized or plated... this was so bad we didn't even want to show a picture of the front for fear someone might figure out who made this piece and embarrass them in public !  This part should have just been turned into a beer can, but instead to save a few pennies it was pushed out the door and turned into profit. 

the back of the part shown is also a "flat" part, similar to our first generation pieces which were sent overseas and copied using lower quality materials to save some of those "Muscle" dealers a few dollars that they keep as increased profits since they didn't lower the price to you, the consumer.  That copying of course led us to once again leapfrog them and now the 3D pieces shown above are the result.  As usual, we're the dog, and they are the tail...