Installation Instructions Submission Guide


Purchase a product from that does not currently have installation instructions provided.


Send an e-mail to with your guide attached. Please include your Full Name, Order # and Name of the Part you wrote the guide for in the subject line.


We will review the guide and if approved, you will receive 15% off your next purchase from SilverHorse Racing!


- Format your guide as a Microsoft Word Document.

- Include a "List of Tools" required for install.

- Guide must be composed of original content and pictures.

- Guide must include bolt sizes and torque specs, where applicable.

- Mention any parts or areas to inspect during installation as preventative maintenance.

- Use clear, concise English (no text abbreviations) and format your guide using bullet points, numbers or figure tags for easy comprehension.

- Include: (1) before image, (5+) during install images and (1) final product image

- Images must accurately illustrate the installation step (in focus, bright enough, etc.)

- Minimum Image Size: 500 pixels wide